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writer icon Lily Olsson     SJ   |   Business     🕐 28. Jun. 2019

A limited number of SJ customers have lost their SJ Prio points (train service travel points). The culprit purchased train tickets for the points, and then resold the tickets for Bitcoin currency, a SJ press release reports. 

“We take these scams seriously, and we are going to indemnify the affected customers. Any customer who notices that SJ Prio-points have got missing can get in touch with out customer service, and they will be replaced,” says Tobbe Lundell, press manager at SJ.

SJ the company
The Swedish train travel partner is a “limited liability company owned by the Swedish state,” that offers 1 100 daily train departures all across the country. It has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 7.9 billion.

SJ Prio
The membership program SJ Prio, provides each member with an ID-number, along with a security code. This code is considered a ‘document of value’ which is required when booking tickets for SJ Prio travel points.

Travel points and bitcoin
The SJ Prio scam culprit somehow got their hands on the security codes and/or personal passwords, likely from members using the same password across many sites, SJ claim in their press release.

As the tickets were resold for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a secondary effect of the elaborate points-swindle is that the person buying the tickets could actually make themselves guilty of a crime, SJ emphasise.

Fortunately, security will be tightened moving forward and SJ is looking at introducing secondary forms of security measures such as mobile BankID: “a citizen identification solution that allows companies, banks and governments agencies to authenticate and conclude agreements with individuals over the Internet.

This is not the first time SJ customers have been victim to this type of crime. In December 2018, Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that up to 60 SJ Prio customers had lost their points, and as a result 1.3 million users had to change their login passwords.

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