Vegetarian Foods Getting Trendier


writer icon Emma Egelund     Lefteris Kallergis   |   Sustainability     🕐 19. Jun. 2019

There has been a notable increase in sales of vegetarian food products, such as vegan or vegetarian "meat" products, in Sweden as of late.

The growing vegetarian trend has seen New York -based veggie burger company Beyond Meat’s shares soar in the stock market recently, and Swedish burger chain Max is selling ten times as many veggie burgers than three years ago, SVT reports.

Likewise, leading grocery retailer in Sweden, Ica has seen a sales increase in fresh ready-made veggie products, such as meat substitutes, by 90 percent over the last year. Sales of halloumi cheese and legumes have grown even more so.

Diet to save the planet
Much of recent research indicates that meat consumption needs to decrease if climate goal are to be reached.

Elin Röös, researcher at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, argues that we need to look beyond [just] trying to make meat production more climate-effective, that is not enough. “We also have to eat a lot less meat in western countries, than we do today” she emphasises.

And while it is perhaps no longer news that, as a whole, mankind needs to markedly change our diet to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change, the extent at which this change needs to happen may still come as a shock to some.

For instance, as reported by the Guardian in 2018: In western countries, beef consumption needs to fall by 90% and be replaced by five times more beans and pulses.

Veggie trends in Sweden
Recent statistics also reveal that the growing vegetarian food-product buying trend shows a greater sales increase in meat substitute products.

For example, the veggie burger is one of the more popular vegetarian products in the Nordic country, and one that easily reaches a new customer base, SVT reports.

Other increasingly popular ready-made vegetarian products in Sweden are veggie mince"meats", ‘quorn’, soya sausages, schnitzels, and veggie patties.

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