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Jens Christian bestyrelses medlem

writer icon Samuel Christiansen     ITU   |   Tech     🕐 20. Jun. 2019

Jens Christian Godskesen, Copenhagen's IT University prorector got elected as board member of the newly established national Cyber Security Hub in Denmark.

”I find that more focus has finally been placed on improving the security level of IT. Now it is time for action. At the IT University, we have created a cybersecurity center with a number of education- and research projects, but if we look at companies' needs, even greater effort is needed if the general level of IT security in Denmark is to be raised." Jens Christian Godskesen says.

Adding that "it is gratifying that we now have the Danish Hub for Cyber Security, which will come to mean that all relevant education- and research institutions can work with the business community to elevate this task.”

The Danish Industry reaching out with support
In order to ensure favourable advantage for the Danish business industry when it comes to competitiveness, a new cybersecurity unit has been made.

The Hub for Cybersecurity became a reality after a grant of DKK 21 million from The Danish Industry Foundation was allocated to the project.

As a whole, the Danish Industry Foundation has issued DKK 100 million on the project, which will be spent over the next couple of years. These are initiatives that may improve the Danish business community's IT security level, and bring Denmark for the forefront of secure cyber solutions.

The Cyper Hub
The Cyber hub will allow for a wide range of businesses to learn about the field of cybersecurity, help develop business structures, as well as widen their knowledge within security.

The official goal of The Danish Hub for Cyber Security “will be the facilitator and catalyst for Danish players in order to lift Denmark into an internationally recognised country for secure cyber solutions,” The Danish Industry Foundation writes on their webpage.

“I think it is very gratifying that the Industry Fund prioritises this area. I think the effect of the fund's investments will go far beyond the individual projects, as such there will be a broader public and political understanding of that IT security is something that should be prioritised and maintained,” Godskesen says.

Project Name
Danish Hub for Cyber Security

Project Owner
Technical University of Denmark

Time Frame

Investment into the project
DKK 21 million

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