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writer icon Wilma Johansson     Simon Connellan   |   Culture     🕐 12. Jun. 2019

The Swedish 'Stockholm Åre 2026' Olympic bid, has reportedly indicated too high an income, over one billion Swedish kronor (SEK) in excess, it its expected budget. It is now receiving criticism for doing so from the International Olympic Committee (IOC): one of the three constituents of the Olympic Movement.

Despite the operational budget estimates having been "reviewed by some of the world's most experienced experts", and also bearing in mind it having been hailed as both "realistic" and "conservatively estimated" by Stockholm Åre 2026, the budget was still off by more than SEK 1 billion.

As there is less than two weeks left in the running for the 2026 bid to revise these numbers, this substantial budget blunder leaves the bid, and subsequent campaign to host the Olympics in the Nordic country, in a precarious position.

Optimistic mindset
Per Persson, vice chairman of the Swedish Olympic Committee and also part the Stockholm Åre campaign's leadership, still feels optimistic about Sweden's chances and had this to say about the arguably pressured situation:

We will make it through this, and there will be no change to the final results [of the budget estimates]," Persson shared with Swedish DN.

First climate-positive games
This is not the only time the Swedish bid for the Olympic games has made the news recently.

For World Environment Day, June 5th, Stockholm Åre 2026 reiterated their "pledge to deliver the first ever climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games" advertising to the IOC, and also reminding interested parties of "Sweden’s global leadership in environmental protection and green innovation".

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