A Financial Turn for Blogger Sophie Elise

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writer icon Hanne Larsen     ISB   |   Business     🕐 05. Jun. 2019

Norwegian blogger, author, and TV-personality, Sophie Elise Isachsen has been doing well for herself, earning millions of Norwegian kroner a year.

A turn for the worse
2018 proved less lucrative than the previous year however: the blogger's earnings landed on 4.2 million Norwegian kroner. A drop in income compared to earnings reaching NOK 4.82 million in 2017.

Annual profit for Isachsen in 2018 reached NOK 2.38 million, compared to 2017 where it came to NOK 2.89 million, according to newly released numbers from Brønnøysund Register Centre.

Business as a blogger
Isachsen has, like many other Norwegian bloggers, chosen to have an Aktieselskab (AS) which is equal to British business structure: limited liability partnership (LLP).

She owns 100 percent of her company, and is thereby also the sole business shareholder. Being a sole owner, Isachsen has freedom to take out whatever income she sees fit. In 2018 she took out a dividend of NOK 3.5 million, more than what came in that year. The year before, Isachsen took out NOK 1.2 million in dividends.

Staying in the game
Determined to expand and reinvent herself as much as possible, Isachsen is currently entering into new ventures. She released her second book, was featured on Shall We Dance, and the first season of her TV series 'Sophie Elise's World' was launched.

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