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writer icon Wilma Johansson     Janne Suhonen   |   Sustainability     🕐 04. Jun. 2019

Finland has a new red-green Government which is steering its course, and ministers, in a decidedly green direction.

On Monday, a press release issued by Finland’s newly appointed Government said: “The aim of the first Government of the new decade is a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Finland by 2030.”

The current coalition appoint the following ministers in its Government which “will include 19 ministers: 7 from the Social Democratic Party, 5 from the Centre Party, 3 from the Greens, 2 from the Left Alliance and 2 from the Swedish People’s Party.”

A red-green leadership
The new Government constellation, under Antti Rinne, does not only set sights on climate change goals, but also focuses on trans-rights, seeks to generate 60 000 new jobs, and promises to up the country's refugee quota.

It has been dubbed “the reddest government that Finland has seen in many years” Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, reports.

Ministers from the Greens have been awarded two very high-ranking and noteworthy positions in the new Government: Minister for Foreign Affairs, as well as that of Minister of the Interior.

In addition, the new Minister of the Environment and Climate Change is also appointed from the Greens.

A green change
This sends a very different message to that of Finland’s previous government which was on the blue and conservative side of politics. And this new message is very green to boot.

“An ecologically sustainable Finland shows the way in mitigating climate change and protecting biodiversity. The Government is drawing a roadmap for an emissions-free Finland,” yesterday's press release said.

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