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writer icon Vera P. Jensen     ISB   |   Business     🕐 14. May. 2019

Swedish clothes retail giant, H&M is discontinuing paper receipts, magazine Market reports. The option to receive all receipts digitally will be offered to H&M members in their updated smartphone app.

Other types of purchases, and purchases by non-members, will not be affected by the shift to digital receipts at the time-being.

“We think that this is very fun and exciting [news] as we have seen that it is something that has been requested by many of our customers”, H&M press spokesperson Amanda Larsson said.

Adding that the primary driving factor behind the change is to reduce paper waste: “Of course we hope that this new digital solution will reduce the amount of physical receipts in use, so that we alongside of our customers can do something good for the environment.”

A new name
The membership app, which from its point of inception has been called H&M Club, is now also changing its name to H&M Member, Larsson reports.

Saying goodbye to the catalogue business
In related news, the retail giant recently made a conscious decision to discontinue all catalogue business aspects to its retail business.

The company’s final catalogues were published a few weeks ago: the week starting April 29th, of this year.

According to a press release by the H&M group, the company felt that “shopping from a catalogue simply isn’t relevant to today’s consumers and [H&M] have therefore decided to discontinue [their] catalogue business”.

This does not affect other forms of H&M’s businesses, such as its many online and physical stores, worldwide.

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