Credit Card Comparison Site Launches in Finland

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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     ISB   |   Business     🕐 09. May. 2019

Swedish site ( has now been launched in Finland, according to a recent press release. The site setup stays the same, but it changes name, language, and address to is one of Swedens biggest comparison sites for looking at, and comparing different options, rates and other credit information between the different credit cards that are available in Sweden.

An obvious move
Simon Klaesson,'s site-publisher, describes the launch in the neighbouring country as "obvious" and that it has long been a goal to "expand [the] business outside of Sweden's borders."'s long-term plan involves expanding out to different countries, and they see this move as a very manageable first step in this process:

"Credit cards are a big [thing] in so many countries, and we are very passionate about being able to help even more people find a credit card that suits [specifically] them, as effortlessly as possible," Klaesson added.

The same approach
The main purpose of the site, which is the same in both countries, is to be able to quickly and easily compare different credit card options, DI notes. 

To make this as smooth as possible there have been no changes to design or layout of the site, and it remains almost the same as its Swedish sister-site.

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