5G Security Inquiry in Sweden

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writer icon Vera P. Jensen     ISB   |   Tech Ethics     🕐 06. May. 2019

A risk analysis is being conducted to evaluate national cybersecurity concerns with regard to the upcoming 5G network in Sweden.

Sweden is not the only country carrying out this type of risk assessment. The European Commission has put out a formal recommendation, and request that all EU member countries conduct a national evaluation when it comes to 5G network security.

European Commission
In a related press release, the EU Commission’s Vice President, Andrus Ansip, pointed out that ”5G technology will transform our economy and society and open massive opportunities for people and businesses. But we cannot accept this happening without full security built in.”

On the topic of 5G’s introduction in Europe, Ansip also emphasised that “[it is] essential that 5G infrastructures in the EU are resilient and fully secure from technical or legal backdoors.”

The EU Commission has also identified a need to take “concrete actions to assess cybersecurity risks of 5G networks” and work to improve whatever pre-emptive measures are already in place in some countries.

Opens up for espionage
The need for strengthened cybersecurity came about alongside of the debate on whether or not Chinese tech and telecommunications giant Huawei is suitable to be in charge of the new networks’ construction, was brought to the public’s attention.

Claims by the United States government that China may be using their governmental influence over the company for the purpose of espionage, has further propelled the conversation into the political arena where Sweden, amongst other countries, is now taking action to quash any possible concerns.

Measures in Sweden
The course taken in Sweden to gauge possible security risks, is that the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) carries out a risk analysis of the network. PTS, amongst other things, works to monitor electronic communications in the Nordic country.

The risk analysis aims to be completed, and possible preventative measures taken, before the 5G network goes ‘live' around year 2020, DN reports. 

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