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SAS strike april 2019

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The ongoing conflict between Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and its pilot fleet means much of SAS' air traffic will continue to be grounded leading into this week, to Tuesday, April 30th, if not longer.

The continuing pilot strike means that around 1200 flights are left cancelled, leaving up to 110 000 passengers grounded according to reports by Swedish newspaper DI. These reports also indicate that strike negotiations are still at a standstill.

"A strike is an exceptional event outside of company control," SAS public relations officer Freja Annamatz, said in a statement. Adding that the airline is currently "doing everything to rebook [existing] bookings and allow for booking cancellations by our customers."

Ongoing pilot strike
The strike is currently active in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Affecting many of the flights to and from the three countries. However, SAS traffic information notes that the strike does not impact any flights operated by its partner airlines, nor are all flights operated by SAS necessarily cancelled: ”On our website you can see which flights are affected or are at risk of being cancelled. Some flight will operate regardless of strike." Annamatz emphasised.

Furthermore, it has been indicated that the Swedish Air Line Pilots Association (SPF) trade union and SAS have not yet been in communication. As of yesterday the two parties were still deadlocked, Wilhelm Tersmeden, chairman of SPF's SAS unit, told Swedish news distributor TT.

Two matters brought up for attention in the pilot strike are predictable work hours, and market-standard wages, SPF informs

Airline responsibility
In a statement on current travel disruptions the airline said "[that they are] sorry if you’ve been affected by the ongoing pilot strike that has led to delays and canceled flights."

In addition, SAS' traffic information website links to a section on EU passenger rights, indicating to its customers what regulations apply during, amongst other events, times of strike. These can be found here.

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