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writer icon Samuel Christiansen     Matas   |   Business     🕐 24. Apr. 2019

Rejuvenation is key for physical stores if they want to stay in the game. The Danish beauty store chain, Matas have caught on to this, and are therefore launching a new service.

Matas Group is introducing a subscription option that provides customers with the opportunity to get tailored subscriptions, for a number of different products.

A new business model
The investment into a subscription-based service, followed shortly after the launch of Matas' new store concept, Matas Life, and is one of several initiatives to renew the brand and create better customer experiences.

Customer needs in today’s market often means offering a higher level of convenience. According to director of e-commerce at Matas, Brian Andersen: "We can see that there is a great demand for convenience concepts that make everyday life easier and cheaper for busy families. This is why we at now offer our customers [the option] to subscribe to selected products".

The new solution means that customers have the freedom to get their subscription products continuously, and, as stated in Matas’ press release, “obtain a favourable price for the products”.  

“We focus on a model that is 100% adapted to the individual's needs,“ Andersen asserts, whilst clarifying that he believes Matas to be the only company offering a completely tailored solution.

Customers receive a 20 percent discount on all products they subscribe to, as well as free delivery, no matter how many products they sign up for.

Product Focus
Matas will initially focus on their 'health and wellness' section, i.e. products like fish oil, multivitamins, and calcium supplements. A number of additional product categories will be gradually introduced in 2019, such as skincare, makeup, and selected products for men.

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