Neo4j Teams Up With Google Cloud

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writer icon Peter Karlsson     Neo4j   |   Tech     🕐 10. Apr. 2019

On Tuesday April 9th, Neo4j made it known that they are strategically joining forces with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The Swedish company's graph database will be provided on the platform alongside other Google Cloud native service technologies, such as support and billing.

Google conquered its market using the graph-algorithm PageRank and "Neo4j couldn't have a better partner to bring the power of graphs to developers and businesses as a managed service." Neo4j's founder and CEO Emil Eifrem, said about the partnership.

Also adding that "Google Cloud has demonstrated a deep respect for Neo4j's open source roots and for our role in pioneering the graph database category."

The partnership will allow Neo4j and Google Cloud to seamlessly provide the graph database to developers and companies alike.

According to the press release, the partnership will deliver "fully managed and highly available graph database service," the possibility to scale up if needed, use Google Kubernetes Engine as an additional service, provide end-to-end encrypted communication, and offer billing through CPG.

"We share a commitment to a robust open source community that encourages innovation and provides the best possible outcomes for customers," Corporate Vice President at Global Ecostystems and Business Development, Google Cloud, Kevin Ichhpurani, commented on the partnership.

Neo4j is not the only company joining forces with Google Cloud at this time, Google’s 'open cloud' platform made a public statement regarding partnerships with several companies of an open source-centric nature, on the same day.

The listed partners announced on Google Cloud's blog include Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxData, MongoDB, and Redis Labs: providing managed services in the areas of analytics and data management.

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