AI Helping with Emergency Care in Denmark

inde på alarm centralen i Danmark

writer icon Peter Karlsson     Thomas Voss   |   Tech     🕐 05. Apr. 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) is better at spotting symptoms of cardiac arrest than emergency number call-staff. AI identifies up to 10 percent more instances, recent reports of computer-assisted emergency call operators in Denmark show.

Danish emergency call staff in the Copenhagen area are using on-going AI services and assistance to help gauge and identify strokes, meningitis and cardiac arrest both quicker, and better.

The studies show that emergency operators accurately respond to less than 75 percent of cardiac arrest victims. However this number markedly improves when AI 'listens in' on the conversations in question.

"We see that we have an artificial intelligence that is capable of listening in on 112 calls, [to] analyse them and draw conclusions better than people can. That is quite amazing," says researcher Stig Nikolaj Blomberg, from Danish Capital Region Emergency Services.

The studies were conducted using collected data from over 110 000 emergency phone calls. 1000 of the calls were people calling in whilst suffering from cardiac arrest. The computer was able to accurately identify 84.1 percent of these cases, whereas operators only caught 72.5 percent of the instances.

Going into cardiac arrest is a serious emergency that has to be responded to, and dealt with, effectively and swiftly. For every minute that passes, risk of death grows by a staggering 10 percent, according to Danish Berlingske Media.

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