Greta Thunberg Wins German Award

Greta Thunberg

writer icon Emma Lindgren     Goldene Kamera 2019   |   Sustainability     🕐 02. Apr. 2019

Notable Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, won the prestigious German 'Golden Camera' award on Saturday for her efforts as "an icon for a new youth and protest-movement".

The 16 year old climate strike founder was a roaring success in Germany last week, where she was not only celebrated by media, but also joined in protest by thousands of school-aged teens. A total of 25 000 people gathered for the strike in central Berlin on Friday.

The School Strike 4 Climate campaign has been on-going since August 2018. From its inception, both the strike and its founder have generated a lot of interest and followers worldwide. Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize, spoken at the UN Climate Change COP24 Conference, and inspired Angela Merkel to lend support to the strike.

"We're going to continue skipping classes every Friday because we can't keep going like that with the climate. We have to pull the emergency brakes," Franziska Wessel, one of the organisers in Berlin said about the strike.

The Golden Camera
The special prize is part of the country's best-known media awards show, organised by the German TV-magazine HoerZu.

"Greta Thunberg became an icon of a new youth and protest movement within a very short time as a climate activist. Every Friday, hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren and students from all over the world take to the streets to persuade politicians to take action," HoerZu's motivation said.

Thunberg received the award to standing ovations, followed by an impactful acceptance speech: "There is still a little time to change something. But this time must now be used for more climate protection."

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