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On Tuesday votes came up 348 in favour and 274 against the new updated digital copyright directive. Passing both the divisive Article 13, and Article 11.

Google have been vocal about the directive and swiftly commented on Twitter"The #eucopyrightdirective is improved but will still lead to legal uncertainty and will hurt Europe’s creative and digital economies".

Attitudes amongst Swedish EU-parliamentarians have also been predominantly against the directive. In fact, all 20 of them have stated in the past that they would vote against it.

Change of heart
However, three EU-parliamentarians from the Nordic country sang a different tune in Tuesdays election, having changed their minds last minute, just the day before.

The three parliamentarians in question, Jytte Guteland, Marita Ulvskog, and Olle Ludvigsson, are all from the same Swedish political party, the Social Democratic Party.

A concern for smaller platforms
On the topic of whether smaller platforms will still be able to have control over material, Jytte Gutelund told Swedish newspaper DN: “The directive does not aim [to take on] smaller platforms”. Rather it has its sights set on bigger companies already in competition with Youtube and Spotify “and who’s primary purpose it is to spread copyrighted materials for the purpose of making money and compete with them.”

According to Gytelund the directive also contains passages specifically addressing and making sure that smaller, non-commercial actors won’t face any undue problems because of it.

“The draft directive will impact large online platforms and news aggregators” EU Parliament press officer John Schranz, explained, “making it essential for them to correctly remunerate artists and journalists whose work they monetise”.

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