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Margrethe Vestager at Lund University March 2019

writer icon Emma Lindgren     ISB   |   Tech Ethics     🕐 19. Mar. 2019

Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, gave the 14th annual 'Anna Lindh lecture' at Lund University's Auditorium on Monday.

Lund University, alongside of Raoul Wallenberg Institute and in cooperation with the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund and Lund University’s Association of Foreign Affairs, hosted the annual event in memory of Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh.

Vestager's keynote speech, aptly titled 'Democracy and Power in a Brave New World: Economy, Technology and Human Rights' addressed such matters as Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Swedish experiences and gender rights' origin story, community aspects of the internet, anti-vaxxer disinformation, artificial intelligence, corporate tax, democracy, power, digital human rights and much more.

This is not the first time in recent times, that Vestager has made the news. She made Time's 100 most influential people -list in 2017, after having amongst other things, argued that Ireland's tax benefits for Apple were illegal. Moreover, Foreign Policy placed her on the top of their Global Thinkers list, which lists not just a year's worth of important thinkers but rather, a whole decade.

Vestager's work as EU Commissioner for Competition has seen her repeatedly take on such giants as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and others.

However, she seems more concerned with making businesses understand the importance of privacy, than she is in bringing them down. They need to grasp that "privacy is not just another hoop to get through", Vestager stressed in her speech.

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