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A recent report by the Directorate for eHealth in Norway, reveals that the national online health portal Helse-Norge (Health Norway), had a staggering 25,5 million visits last year. A considerable amount for a country of only 5 million inhabitants.

The year before that 18.7 million visits were recorded, an increase by 37 percent from 2017 to 2018.

The online portal was created in 2011 by Norwegian health authorities, to provide information to residents and patients in Norway.

Norwegian residents can access useful information and get e-consultations, at the same price as an in-person visit at the doctors.

The increase in visits likely has to do with the increasing number of e-health services, which are all gathered on the web platform. Each patient can find both general information and log in to see personal information such as records, hourly appointments, patient trips and documents registered to them.

The need of the citizen
According to E24, there is an increasing need and demand for a high level of digitalisation within the area of health, in Norway. People want easy access to doctors via online consultations, and also the option to engage in dialogue with their doctor over email.

Noting that Norway’s total area is 385,252 square kilometers (148,747 sq mi), it is perhaps not a surprising 'need' as many people do not live in its larger cities, or near specialised doctors.

In fact, it has been so popular to make use of e-consultations that the general practitioner in Norway has seen an increase in consulations of 150 percent.

The Director of the eHealth Directorate, Christine Bergland, is happy with the how the product has evolved to meet customer needs and finds that "good e-health solutions provide the opportunity for self-service and dialogue, which makes people feel safer and more involved in their own health."

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