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writer icon Kristine Hanson     Bestseller   |   Sustainability     🕐 04. Mar. 2019

Danish textile-giant Bestseller, has grown rapidly the past couple of years. The company is worth billions, and shows no signs of stopping. Bestseller recently announced in a press release that their parent company Heartland are partnering up with Danish energy company, Better Energy.

The energy aim
According to the press release, Bestseller are planning to build a solar power plant to meet their goals of covering all energy consumed by its buildings and company. The solar power plant is expected to have a capacity of 125 MW.

Better Energy – the right choice
In this pursuit they have chosen to partner up with Better Energy, who will develop and operate the solar power plant. Better Energy are able to do so because Bestseller has guaranteed to buy all electricity from the solar cells at a fixed price, a price which has not been published.

Bestseller think that Better Energy is suitable to collaborate with, because of ”the idea that [more] new renewable energy capacity is built and added to the grid”.

“We wanted to have a direct impact on the deployment of new renewable energy, which will both help us achieve our ambitions at BESTSELLER but also make a positive impact on the world around us,” says Bestseller’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Dorthe Scherling Nielsen.

Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær, CEO of Better Energy are also happy about the collaboration and says: “Bestseller is part of a new global wave of companies that are playing a major role in the development of a clean energy economy.”

It has not yet been published where the solar park will be located, nor how far Bestseller and Better Energy have come in the process of building it.

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