Women in Tech spring event at ITU

ITU spring Women in Tech event

writer icon Kristine Hanson     ARYZE   |   Tech     🕐 27. Feb. 2019

On Monday, ARYZE hosted 'Women in Tech DK' in the large auditorium at the IT University of Copenhagen. A sequel to the popular Women in Fintech event, which was held earlier this year.

Denmark, like many other countries in the world, falls short on numbers when it comes to women in the field of technology.

Monday's event was co-hosted with IT-Branchen and ITU Innovators, with the goal of addressing the lack of female representation in the sector.

A rather dull motivational speech
Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, mayor at Employment and Integration Administration, spoke about the importance of having more women be represented in tech. She further emphasised that the prerequisite encouragement leading up such changes, would have to happen when the women are still as young as girls in school. “I could go on and on about talking about women in tech” Lonning-Skovgaard said during her speech, clutching her paper notes. Whilst she admittedly did touch on some valid points, so did other speakers.

Get into the world of tech
Far more passion was exhibited by one of the other speakers at the event, Sidsel Rytter Løschenkohl from Deloitte.

Løschenkohl heavily pushed the statement “there is no right way into tech”. She went on to add that if there is something you are passionate about, you should not allow yourself to be held back. Using her own experiences as an example, despite not having any real technical background she had found the world of tech fascinating. As a result, Løschenkohl decided that she wanted to work in tech, and started approaching jobs within the sector. She now holds the position of Blockchain Consultant, at Deloitte EMEA Blockchain Lab, an inspiring achievement.

Be there for one another
From the event's many speeches, a pivotal message became clear “tech businesses need you women”, but there was more to the event than that. In the networking event afterwards, women also shared that they feel a very strong need to interact with one another, and to be supported and empowered by each other.

Kathrine Lundberg Friis, an ITU student who was also there to represent ITU Innovators, pointed out that it is really networking that makes a big difference for her. “This is what we really need, to meet and share experiences, and [to] tell the women out there, that it is not as scary as it seems working with technology and tech heavy education in general.”

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