National Bank of Denmark is in for an extensive renovation

National Bank of Denmark

writer icon Wilma Johansson     Nationalbanken   |   City     🕐 13. Feb. 2019

Denmark's 'Nationalbanken' is scheduled for an immense renovation mid 2020.

The iconic building designed by world renowned architect Arne Jacobsen, is in need of a thorough overhaul. The scope of the project is so extensive that it is expected to take a minimum of two years before it is finished.

At point of writing, no temporary office accomodations have been found for the 400 employees who during renovations will have to be relocated.

"The building is made up of many unique materials, including special marble stones, both exterior and interior and special glass facades” .. “It's hard to say anything about how long it will take to renovate the building, partly because we may discover new things which we have to repair or any consequential damages”, says Lone Mortensen, Chief Operating Officer at Danmarks Nationalbank.  

The Building
'Nationalbanken' was originally constructed between 1965 - 1978, over a period spanning 13 years. It took so long to build that its architect, Arne Jacobsen, did not get to see the building completed having passed away in 1971.  

It is constructed much like a fortress, with only two entrances. Marble, minimalist lines and perfect finishes make up the style of the building.

Renovation costs
It is not yet settled who gets the bid for the renovation, which itself is estimated to have a value of DKK 19 million. 

In finding the right company to collaborate with on this project, Mortensen clarifies that “it must be a company that has experience with renovation for more than DKK 400 million.” However, they are not yet sure of just how much the renovation will end up costing.

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