Skatteverket looking into ‘digital economy' in 2019


writer icon Vera P. Jensen     ISB   |   Tech     🕐 07. Feb. 2019

The Swedish taxation office, Skatteverket has issued an invite to a February 12th press event and seminar on how they aim to, among other things, control and regulate the ‘digital economy’ in ways that are better suited to more recent transactional trends.

According to Swedish news site Breakit, Skatteverket is going to take a stronger look at crypto currencies, social media influencers and also the new gaming tax, over the coming year.

When it comes to digital economy in particular, the areas of ”audits of crypto currency trade and marketing by influencers” will be brought to attention, Skatteverket said in a recent statement.

This is in line with their proposals set last year, that ways of regulating and controlling the digital economy need to be met with more hard-line approaches.

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