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writer icon Emma Lindgren     ISB   |   Ethics     🕐 25. Jan. 2019

Sweden landed on third place in the latest 'The Good Country Index'.
The top spot goes to Finland in the list which was released midweek, with Ireland nabbing second place. Sweden has been bumped down two places from last time the list was published, having placed first in 2017.

The Good Country Index
The index looks at a variety of factors to a country’s contributions and "tries to measure how much each country on earth contributes to the planet and to the human race, relative to its size (measured in GDP)"

This is done through 35 different parameters in the different categories science and technology, culture, peace and security, world order, planet and climate, prosperity and equality, and finally in health and wellbeing, to determine which countries do the most 'good' in the world.

The area in which Sweden scored the highest is health and wellbeing, which includes such parameters as pharmaceutical export, and humanitarian and food aid. In contrast, Sweden’s worst performance is in peace and security efforts. An area in which Ireland scored the highest of all 153 countries included on the list.

Finland scored highest in the world in the fields of scientific publication export, patent requests, freedom of press and movement, cyber security, free trade and in adhering to stipulated environmental agreements. Denmark also ranked high on the list, coming in at fifth place after Germany.

'The Good Country Index' encourages a little competition between countries, but more importantly it strives to provide ideas and blueprints for how a country can go about doing good.“You often end up doing better work domestically because you are drawing inspiration and experience from other countries” Simon Anholt, who founded the index in 2014, says.

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