Uber accused of tax fraud by the Swedish Taxi Association

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writer icon Vera P. Jensen     ISB   |   Business     🕐 11. Jan. 2019

In an investigation into Uber's transaction revenues, allegations of tax fraud and drivers entering lower numbers into their taximeters have surfaced.

A thorough inspection was ordered by the Swedish Taxi Association, Taxiförbundet. They hired the security firm Gothia Protection Group (GPG) to conduct it.

Their findings as shared with DN indicate that out of the 112 inspection ride instances examined, only 30-40% of taxable transaction revenue was forwarded to the appropriate accounting centres and taxation channels. This would translate to less than half of total revenue being properly accounted for to the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket.

According to Susanna Bengtsson at Skatteverket “it is the taximeter-reports that form the basis for how to account for revenue in consonance with Swedish law”.

The inspection findings are now in the process of being turned over to both Skatteverket and the Swedish Transport Authorities for further examination. Claudio Skubla at Taxiförbundet feels that this in turn should lead to additional investigations.

“With these staggering amounts in mind, it would be strange if [Uber] is allowed to continue un-checked. Our authorities must try to protect the genuine businesses who fulfil their duties and do what is right” he says.

It is not the first time that the Swedish taxi association has landed Uber in hot water. Back in May 2016, also after an inspection by GPG, UberPop was court-ordered to desist all practice in Sweden after 30 of its drivers were fund guilty of providing illegal taxi services.

This is the first such inspection of Uber’s more traditional taxi service however, and according to a spokesman from the company they take the allegations very seriously.

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