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Amazon subsidiary, Amazon Web Services, has purchased more land in the Swedish town of Katrineholm. While Amazon has yet to fully establish in Sweden, their arrival gets ever closer.

Considerable expansion
Amazon Web Services (AWS), a daughter company to the American e-commerce giant, first arrived in Katrineholm back in April 2017. At that time, AWS purchased 70 000 square meters of land in order to establish a data centre.

On 18th December 2018, AWS increased the amount of land they own by purchasing a further 210 000 square meters. This brings the total to 287 000 square meters, which is the equivalent of approximately 40 football pitches.

According to a press release by Katrineholm Municipality, the new deal was made for 52.5 million SEK. The increased land area will give AWS the opportunity to put more data centres in place.

”A real Christmas cracker”
Göran Dahlström, the Municipal Commissioner in Katrineholm, is very happy about the deal. In the press release, he described it as “a real Christmas cracker for the municipality and its inhabitants”

Dahlström went on to say that the company brings a fantastic injection for Katrineholm and its business, both in the short and the long term.

“It’s about a lot of jobs - very many jobs”
, he told Computer Sweden. He continued - “it requires many employees and subcontractors for a long time. Hundreds of millions are being invested now and for many years forward and that will attract well educated and highly paid people”.

Setting up in the Nordic region
Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that individuals, companies and governments can pay a subscription to use. Users can access a host of systems and services, all available in one place.

AWS has also opened data centres in the Swedish towns of Eskilstuna and Västerås over the past few days, as part of their new region launch in Sweden.

According to AWS, they wish to invest in the future of the Nordics. “Many Nordic startups are using AWS to rapidly scale”, the Amazon press release reads. Startups such as Swedish KRY and Danish Lunar Way are listed by AWS as subscribers.

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