Oredev Tech Conference 2017

Oredev Development Conference 2017 8th until the 10th of October

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Comfort food, beanbags, and a constant humming from people who challenged each other’s ideas and mind-sets, was part of the Oredev Developer Conference running from Wednesday 8th until Friday 10th of October. There were talks ranging from; the creation of robots for Mars, musical gloves, and children’s’ books which empower children to understand the impact of releasing your personal data on social media platforms.

With 1200 participants, 60 business partners on the expedition floor, 150 talks, and with 200 Kilos of sweets and 3500 beers being consumed, it was a well-rounded experience attending a conference like that.

This year’s conference was rightly named Next Gen short for next generation, and focused on a fuller broader picture of the next generation companies and the challenges they face working in the tech business. Today Sharing Knowledge is not an option, it’s a must wrote the Oredev organisation on their webpage. Therefore they worked on creating a friendly atmosphere at the conference, where people’s varying perspectives and skills were shared amongst each other.

The Oredev Conference was created by the Swedish consultancy firm Jayway, who firstly wanted to create an informative event for their own employees, but have now opened up the conference to other people in the tech business. There was a great homely feel to the conference, people knew each other and wanted to catch up and learn from each other.

The technological evolvement is replacing industrialisation as the driving force behind innovation and productivity. With this in mind, developers’ work habits, tools, communication, ways of learning and hiring have to be rethought.

The next generation of companies are here, and they have all got tech as an integrated part of their business structure. Ali Kheyrollahi, a Solution Architect at the London based company ASOS, was one of the speakers and has been a regular attendee at the Oredev tech developer conference for years.
“Every year, Oredev is a destination to get inspired and view the tech industry both inside-out and outside-in. The talks are extremely high quality and the atmosphere is engaging and friendly. Simply the best conference I have ever been to or spoke at” said Kheyrollahi.

The 13-year-old tech conference Oredev has for the past 10 years been created and run by Emily Holweck. I had a little chat with Holweck about what she personally wanted people to take away from the conference. Here is what she said "We’ve created this whole conference to change people’s lives. We wanted people to get ideas, to be inspired, to reflect and continue growing –and simply change for the better".

Having a person like Holweck pushes developers and people within the tech industry to understand that they do not just work with developing technological solutions. Just as importantly, they play an immense part in structuring the future society.

The tech environment is developing rapidly with new businesses entering the tech market, meaning the focus and direction of both new and existing players, becomes ever more important.

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