Healthcare app KRY steps away from a purely digital service

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writer icon Wilma Johansson     Darko Stojanovic   |   Business     🕐 30. Nov. 2018

Swedish digital healthcare firm KRY is making some interesting developments. On Monday 3rd December, KRY will open its first physical healthcare practice in Lund.

At this healthcare practice, patients will be able to meet doctors and psychologists, as well as dieticians and nurses. However, even at the physical practice, patients will first have a digital meeting. That meeting will match the current care provided via the app. It could be all the patient requires.

It started with an app
Through an app, KRY lets people meet with a healthcare professional within a very short waiting time, most hours of the day. Founded in 2014, KRY has experienced quick growth and high levels of funding, including a $66 million series B investment. 

At a time when most companies are looking to digitalise their products and services, KRY are moving in the opposite direction.

“We want to continue developing and revolutionising healthcare with the patient in focus. In order to do that we need to be a part of the entire healthcare chain,” said Livia Holm, spokesperson for KRY Sweden. 

Holm explained that, during the last three years, KRY has been researching and creating new work methods and knowledge surrounding how healthcare is delivered digitally. They are looking for ways to make healthcare a smoother experience for the patients.

Going against the flow
It may seem like KRY are moving in the wrong direction, putting their efforts in to a physical practice. Some might say that it works against what they have built thus far.

The healthcare practice will be staffed by ten healthcare professionals. They will be there both for patients who seek help there directly, and as part of a complete healthcare journey for patients who start with a digital visit via the app.

KRY are keen to expand, and plan to open more physical practices around Sweden, as well as potentially in France and the UK, where they have recently established themselves.

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