Online pharmacy hit with immediate ban

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writer icon Vera P. Jensen     ISB   |   Business     🕐 28. Nov. 2018

The Swedish Medical Products Agency, Läkemedelsverket, have announced an immediate ban on online chemist Apohem.

The Swedish web-pharmacy was granted permission to sell prescription medication online in August 2018. They have now had that permission denied. Läkemedelsverket now forbids Apohem from selling medicine through their webshop.

Ups and downs
Apohem, behind whom is Swedish giant Axfood, has not had a completely smooth ride since launching in June 2018. Two months after the launch, CEO Henrik Patzer left the company, citing differences between himself and the other co-founders in their view of the future. One of the co-founders, Johan Bergenheim has taken on the role of CEO on a temporary basis.

Why is it banned?
The reason for the abrupt ban, as reported by Dagens Industri, is that the company does not fulfil the legal requirements surrounding shopping and medicines. Authorised companies running an outpatient pharmacy must manufacture all prescribed medicines in Sweden, something that Apohem does not do.

“The ban is in effect immediately and will continue until Läkemedelsverket has decided otherwise,”
 reports Dagens Nyheter, citing the official decision from the Medical Products Agency.

What Apohem can do now
According to DN, Apohem has had the opportunity to comment before the Medical Products Agency came to its decision. However, their defence was not seen as satisfactory, leading to the now imposed ban.

In order for the ban to be reversed, Apohem will need to show the authorities that the manufacturing obligations are met in accordance with the rules. If they continue to run the pharmacy without addressing the demands of the agency, then the permission granted to the company in August can be recalled.

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