Copenhagen decreases car lanes and increases bike lanes

Frank Jensen

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Copenhagen is a frontrunner when it comes to being a sustainable green city. 91% of the citizens who live and work in Copenhagen either use public transportation, walk or bike to their jobs.

For the past two years, Copenhagen has taken home the official title of "World's Best Biking City", a title that was previously won by Amsterdam. And the city of Copenhagen is not stopping here, they want to further the experience of biking through Copenhagen.

Over the last decade, the City of Copenhagen has invested more than 100 million euros to better the cycling infrastructure. It has resulted in more than 435 kilometres of biking lanes and new cycle bridges being built such as ‘Cykelslangen’, the Circle Bridge and the In-Harbour Bridge.

The default solution
To an American, this might be surprising to find out that the easiest and fastest way to get around the city of Copenhagen is on a bike. The infrastructure of bike lanes are well planned throughout the city and in some places in the centre, the car lanes have been decreased and the biking lanes increased.

I talked to one of Copenhagen’s many bikers:“We use the biking lanes of Copenhagen in our everyday lives. Because of biking lanes being highly prioritised in Copenhagen, it gives us a freedom -not just as individuals, but as a whole family. It makes it easy for us to get to and from all the city experiences we appreciate. We don’t have to look at bus or train timetables or plan how to get from the station to our final destination. We get to skip all of that, by simply jumping on the bike and we’ll be on our way” Lisa Nissen says, and adds ”we are also very happy that we get to bring our bikes onto the city trains, free of charge. We are in general very happy to live in a city which provides such options of us.”

Nissen and her family are not the only ones who are happy about the grid of biking lanes. In fact, so are 62% of the people living in Copenhagen.

The bikers of Copenhagen are grateful for these positive initiatives which have been made, but these changes haven’t come freely. In the last 10 years whilst Frank Jensen has been Lord Mayor of Copenhagen the city has spent more than 100 Million Euro to better the infrastructure of the biking lanes.

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Future plans for Copenhagen
In 2018 a budget has been made of 6.800.000 Euro to further the creation of biking streets and new biking lanes whilst adding new bike-parking spaces in ‘Østerbro’ in Copenhagen.

The Lord Mayor points out that Copenhagen has been working towards becoming an even more cycling friendly city for several years. ” is my goal to continuously improve and better Copenhagen as a bike friendly city … because biking creates more space, cleaner air, less noise and healthier citizens. We believe that a sustainable transport system includes both bikes, cars and good public transport” said Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen.

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