Overwhelming Public Negativity for Proposed Apple Store

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Almost two thousand official complaints have been lodged against the planned building of a new, flagship Apple Store. The proposed location for the store is the central park area of Kungsträdgården, a stones-throw from the palace and a popular location for both locals and tourists.

Many protests
Since 2015, when Apple bought the rights for the land, there have been a number of protests against the tech giants moving in. Overall, the majority of opinions appear to be negative

Apple have already made changes to the original proposed design, lowering the height of the roof and adding trees to shield the view of the building from the rest of the park. This could be seen as an attempt to appease the dissatisfied locals. It was after these changes that the planning was allowed to go ahead to the next stage. 

The public have their say
A consultation was set in motion, and the floor was opened to the general public so that everyone could have their say. The deadline for the general public to give feedback to the Stockholm City Council was midnight on Friday 28th September.

City Planner Catarina Holdar told DI Digital, “we never usually get in so many unique views”.

“So far we can state that there are very many negative views. There are a few positive answers, but they are definitely in the minority”
she said.

The effects of an Apple Store
There are many positive elements to Apple choosing to have a flagship store in central Stockholm. The store will create jobs, and could potentially bring more visitors to Stockholm.

The report in DI Digital observed that many people are disappointed, that Kungsträdgården risks losing its status as a hub for culture, entertainment and recreation.

“Never in our wildest dreams could we believe that our [political] rulers would sell a piece of land to an American IT-giant”
, one citizen wrote in their feedback to the city council.

The park is for the people?
The Stockholm Beauty Council is opposed to the plans for the new building. They called on the City Council to give the park back to the Stockholmers instead of allowing public parkland to be claimed for selling electronics.

Roger Mogert, a spokesperson for City Planning, feels that the building should include some form of café. He said to SVT

“This is one of the sunniest and prettiest places in Stockholm. I would like a café and to be able to sit by the water. That is not apparent yet, and they [Apple] have not really listened.”

The high number of complaints may mean that the planning permission is not granted. If this turns out to be the case, then Apple will have to decide whether they wish to continue, or if it is wiser to sell the plot and choose somewhere else for their flagship store.

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