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Inside Scandinavian Business 1 year Birthday Party

writer icon Kristine Hanson     ISB   |   Startups     🕐 24. Sep. 2018

On 20th September, Inside Scandinavian Business celebrated one year since its launch, with a party at the beautiful office space at Östra Varvsgatan in Malmo. They were joined by people from a number of Scandinavian startups and businesses.

Scandinavian collaboration
This is the essence of what Inside Scandinavian Business exists to do. Enabling Danish, Swedish and Norwegian businesses and startups to gain a better understanding of each other's markets.

Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Managing Director of Business Angels Norway, sees the importance of what Inside Scandinavian Business is doing. "The more information we can have across Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, the more investments and partnerships we will get across the countries, and thus the stronger our scaleups will be when they expand beyond the Scandinavian home market," he explains.  

The connection grows
It is a year since the start of Inside Scandinavian Business and Scandinavia is more connected, but there is still some way to go.

"I see a lot of established businesses having the chance to help the ecosystem cross borders, I see investors and business angels saying that they want to enable more investments into the ecosystem of their own individual countries, and I see startups forgetting the powerful market they are situated right inside of",
 says CEO Brooke Illummont.

The Scandinavian market
The magazine shines a light on the way people are developing and using new technology and explores the potential effects these developments can have on future societies. This is something of great interest to many Scandinavian businesses, where companies tend to be built on strong values.

It is this value-based decision making that is so interesting to businesses outside of Scandinavia. Many companies try to imitate this Scandinavian model. There are Scandinavian businesses that work with international companies, helping them to align their company with their values.

"I absolutely love Scandinavia and the value-based startups I see come out of our three Scandinavian countries," Illummont says.

A united base
Lein-Mathisen believes that more collaboration across Norway, Sweden and Denmark is needed.

"I would like that Scandinavian startups think of Scandinavia as their home market. Not just their own countries. That would give our Nordic startups a better base for winning when faced with global competition", he says.

The Scandinavian market, which consists of 20 million people with a high living standard, has more potential than most startups are aware of.

Inside Scandinavian Business helps businesses tap into this potential. It makes information about the business market in Scandinavia more accessible to everyone, including those based outside of the Nordic countries. And, in doing so, enables investors outside of Scandinavia to be a part of the Scandinavian business ecosystem.

Illummont sums it up, saying - "The world is no longer local, it is global. And the businesses who understand that will, with time, survive the ones who don't."

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