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Up until now it has been beneficial for businesses to have an electric car in Norway, but this may all change soon. The Norwegian government brought forward a proposal on Thursday the 12th of October with a suggestion of removing a tax exemption for new electric cars which weighs more than 2 tonnes.

This primarily affects the heavier Tesla cars. Depending on their weight, the cost would increase by 7 000 – 70 000 NOK. The new tax will not affect all cars, but only the heaviest ones. Tesla’s Model X weighs up to 2500 kilos, which is far heavier than other present electric cars on the market.

The fee will mainly affect the new car owners of the most expensive Tesla cars, such as the Tesla Model X and Model S.

It is not hard to believe that Tesla is one of Norway’s most sold and popular electric cars. In fact, last year 40% of all cars sold in Norway were electric cars. Due to the government’s positive view on the electric cars, there have been incentives to help people make choices in this direction.

According to the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, throughout the districts of the country, there have been these benefits:

• Exemption for one-time fee and VAT on a purchase of an electric car.
• Free parking in most collective fields.
• Free transport of the electric car on national road trips
   (but the driver must pay).
• Free use of most public charging stations.
• 50% discount on company car taxation.
• Additional mileage fee.
• The annual fee is only 435 NOK.

Why this “Tesla tax”?
Although this is affecting the prices’ of Tesla cars this is a proposal made by the Norwegian government to finance the depleted road system.

Norwegian Finance Minister, Siv Jensen argued that all heavy vehicles exhaust the roads. Not only gasoline and diesel cars but electric cars as well. The owners of electric cars should therefore also contribute via tax payment.

What has up till now been a clear advantage to for electric car owners, now seem to be a more fair solution for the maintenance of roads and car tax equalisation.

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