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writer icon Paige Whitehead     Darko Stojanovic   |   Tech     🕐 02. Aug. 2018

AI used to be the ultimate fantasy of science fiction. Now it sits in our homes or in our pockets, helping us along with our day-to-day lives. While there are some things to fear regarding AI, there is plenty to be excited by as well.

The possibilities in medicine are endless with AI. Advances are being made in the world of artificial limbs. Mechanical arms and legs can now respond and react to brain waves, just like real limbs.

This enables those with prosthetics to have near seamless mobility, drastically improving their quality of life. Perhaps one day they will create eyes that see and ears that hear and tongues that taste as well.

Already, AIs are making phone calls, coordinating calendars, scheduling events, and parallel parking. While all these examples might seem mundane to the average person, to someone with a disability, it is life changing.


AI has the potential to diagnose issues beyond human comprehension. It could complete a variety of tests in the blink of an eye and come up with a diagnosis immediately, which could help save lives.

AI could potentially diagnose the earliest stages of cancer, or catch an extremely rare disease before it got out of hand. It could also save a lot of time by eliminating lab waiting times, and human errors. This could provide more time for patient care.

The New Science Fiction
AI technology could help us traverse the final frontiers of space and the oceans. Without risking human life, it could analyse, record, and send back data on depths and heights we could never have imagined.

This could be life-changing. We could discover several new species, habitable planets, perhaps even extra-terrestrial life.

Using machines instead of humans means that the limits of the body are no longer an issue. Scientists would not need to worry as much about pressure constraints or oxygen or food while travelling on a submarine or spaceship.

Make Time for Fun
AI already helps us in many day-to-day tasks. If the trend continues, it could significantly reduce our stress. With calendars coordinated, appointments made, and a personal assistant in your pocket, humans could spend more of their time the way they wanted to.

There are fears surrounding AI, but there is a lot to praise, too. As we delve deeper into this technology and explore its capabilities, it is good to remember the positives as well as the negatives.

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