How Business and Football speak the same language

FIFA 2018 football in Russia

writer icon Kristine Hanson     Khusen Rustamov   |   Business     🕐 16. Jul. 2018

Yesterday, the world watched as Croatia and France battled it out in the FIFA World Cup Final. In the end, France was crowned victorious.

There are many similarities between the worlds of football and business. These have been even more apparent over the past month, when the world of football has been plastered over our screens for the duration of the World Cup Tournament.

Staring down rejection
Footballers are faced with the constant fear of failing to perform, while an enormous audience is watching them and judging their every move. If that fear were to become unmanageable, then they would never walk out on the field again.

Entrepreneurs can also be faced with failure on a regular basis. While the audience may be smaller when starting out, businesses are still holding themselves up for judgement, investment and constant valuation.

It would be easy for nerves to get in the way, not just based on a general fear of failure, but on a fear of putting oneself out there to be criticised.

Footballers talk about how they use confidence and dependence on their team in order to cope and to achieve. There is a similar language in the business world, where teams exist not just to get the job done, but to support each other and increase productivity by doing it.

Always improving
Success in football takes constant training, investing endless hours in to both individual physique and team tactics. Teams rely on planning, communication, and hard work. On top of that, every individual player is expected to pull their weight and look after their own training. Together, the team must improve, always striving to be better.

Businesses discuss communication, individual development and hard work just as much. They strategise, just like teams write out play-by-plays, in order to do the best job possible.

Making improvements, both for the team and on an individual level, is very important to ensure the growth of the business. Companies strive for excellence and put a significant emphasis on employee development.

Passion is a must
Successful businesses employ people who are passionate about what they do. The passion extends beyond their individual role and encompasses the company as a whole, and the company’s mission. The passion translates to loyalty and drive, two things that are very valuable to a business from its employees.

Footballers talk about the love of the game, their passion for the fans, and for the team they represent. These elements are intrinsic to their success, and power the players to achieve their goals.

One proven link between football and business is the ludicrous financial opportunities that football can produce. As a major generator of income, some might argue that football’s relationship with business is worth nurturing.

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