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writer icon Vera P. Jensen     ISB   |   City     🕐 05. Jul. 2018

Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, is located in the south of Sweden. It is known worldwide for being a multicultural city with a very mixed population.

As of 2017, Malmo was home to people from 182 different countries. While the number of immigrants has increased across the whole of Sweden, the increase is seen most in the big cities, and in Malmo in particular.

International population
With one-third of Malmo residents having been born in another country, the city is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. There is pressure on immigrants to integrate and adapt to Swedish life as quickly as possible. 

At the same time, Malmo seems to have also adapted in terms of its own culture and traditions, in order to incorporate the increasingly international population.

A young city

The reason that Malmo has been able to adapt and keep up with the changes happening, is due in part to the fact that Malmo is a very young city. Almost half of the residents in Malmo are aged under 35

Armed with curiosity and an openness to change, the younger generations are steering Malmo in the direction of inclusiveness and acceptance.

Ties to Denmark

Malmo is situated in the heart of the Oresund region, with Copenhagen just over the water. According to Malmo Town, the Oresund region is ranked as “the most knowledge intensive in northern Europe”. This claim is based on the 14 universities and colleges that bring over 160 000 students and 12 000 researchers to the area.

This influx of students is another reason for a more mixed population, with scholars from all over the world travelling to the region to study.

The close proximity to Copenhagen also means a much closer connection to the rest of Europe, and to the world. Copenhagen Airport is a mere 20 minutes from the Malmo city Centre by train. It has 159 international routes to cities all over the globe. 

Bringing in business

Businesses are also very attracted to the Oresund region, and there is a huge startup culture in Malmo. Eight new companies are launched in Malmo every day, according to Malmo Town.

This thriving business scene also brings a more international population to Malmo, which in turn transforms Malmo into a more mixed and varied city.

One thing that is certain about Malmo is that it continues to grow and adapt. There is a lot of potential in the city for investors and startups, as well as a mixed and evolving culture unique to the Nordic region.

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