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writer icon Kristine Hanson     Arek Socha   |   City     🕐 25. Jun. 2018

How do the three Scandinavian capitals compare to each other when it comes to the cost of living? Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen are all popular places to live, but which one comes with the highest price tag?

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is home to 935 000 people. A family of four spends on average 31 000 SEK (£2 600) per month, excluding their rent or mortgage costs. A single person household has a monthly spend of 8500 SEK (£720) before hosting costs. 

Renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Stockholm’s city centre costs an average of 11 800 SEK (£1 013) per month, while a 3 bedroom apartment averages 19 535 SEK (£1 670) a month. It is important to note that queues for rented properties in Stockholm are at an all-time high, with waiting times for some parts of the city being as long as 20 years.

The costs in Stockholm are low when compared to the other Scandinavian capitals. The cost of living in Stockholm makes the Swedish capital the 55th most expensive city to live in in the world.

Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is more expensive when compared with Stockholm. A four-person family has monthly costs of almost 33 000 DKK (£2 800), while a single-person household spends 9 200 DKK (£785). 

The average price for renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Copenhagen is 9 100 DKK (£1 075) and a three bedroom apartment costs around 16 770 DKK (£1977) per month.

This is 12.14% higher than the costs of living in Stockholm, and Copenhagen ranks 24th out of 540 cities in the world when it comes to the living costs.

Oslo is by far the most expensive of the three cities. A family of four people in Oslo costs an enormous 41 000 NOK (£3 500) per month. This puts Oslo in 10th place, based on living costs of 540 cities around the world. 

A single person in Oslo spends on average 11 400 NOK (£974) a month. The cost of living in Oslo is 40% higher than in Stockholm.

Despite these high figures, rental prices in Oslo are on a par with prices in Copenhagen. A 1 bedroom apartment in Oslo costs around 12 300 NOK (£1 142) a month, and a 3 bedroom apartment costs on average 20 600 NOK (£1 919) per month, which is lower than the average cost in Copenhagen.

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