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Yesterday, Swedish tech company Njuice launched their news app in the Swedish market.

Named Squid, the app assembles articles from different news sites and presents them to the user in the news-feed. The target group for the app is 18 to 24-year-olds. “We want to help younger generations to discover and read the news as an entertaining, useful and engaging daily activity”, said CEO and Founder of Squid, Johan Othelius, in a press release.

Earlier this year, the news-app was launched in 11 other countries, most of which are European. It has since reached over 1 million downloads prior to its release in Sweden.

Choose your own news

As well as collecting news from other news sites, the app also shows content from blogs and even YouTube channels. Users are able to customise their preferences so that their news feed shows more relevant content. In this way, the user can reach more articles with topics they are interested in. 

This level of customisation is undoubtedly a positive element for most users, but it does contribute to the overall problem of people choosing to only read news relating to the things they care about. One might wonder if the customisation element will lead to the news-app being much like other channels and social media sites, where people tend to read and interact with news and people that they are already similar to.

Another function of the Squid app is the ability for readers to add their own personal opinion and expressions to the news they read, and share it with others. This is possible by sharing a screenshot of the article, together with their own text, drawings or emojis.

Competition in Sweden
Squid will face some competition in Sweden, where Schibstedkoncernen’s app Omni is currently the largest news app in the Swedish market. One of the ways Squid differs from Omni is that when a reader selects an article in their Squid news feed they are transported to the publication’s own website.

Njuice was founded in 2010 by investor and eSporting pioneer Andreas Thorstensson, with the goal of lifting up news events that had gained interest on social media platforms.

At present, Squid amasses articles from approximately 1000 Swedish sources and 17 000 international ones.

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