Startup Live - Skåne’s largest startup event

Startup Live 2018

writer icon Carsten Kristensen     ISB   |   City     🕐 31. May. 2018

Yesterday, 1200 people defied the heat to attend Skåne’s largest startup event, Startup Live. An evening of talks, debates and inspiring stories to advance and celebrate the startup environment in Malmo.

The event is held twice a year and is free for anyone to attend, including people living outside Malmo or even Skåne itself.

The event
A well-organised event, from the dramatic engaging sounds and musical performances to short insightful talks and panel debates.

At this Spring's Startup Live event, there were stories from early-stage startups, Dedecco and STRONGMom. Panels debated about starting your business in Malmo versus Silicon Valley. There were also talks with Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg and the Famous DJ & investor, Steve Angello.

The talks throughout the evening seemed to be quite unanimous in their theme. While impressed with Sweden as a whole, people have done a great job in producing new and great businesses that are making an impact on a global level. The Swedish government is very active in adding to this role.

”The Skåne region is a really exciting region right now.” Said the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg. He added that he generally thought that Sweden has a strong startup community.

We asked DJ & investor, Steve Angello of his opinion on this event, he seemed to share Damberg’s positive view saying ”I think [events such as Startup Live are] important for Sweden. There is a lot of innovation here, there are a lot of talented people, there are great universities here, and there are great schools. We've just got to lift it more!”

Both Angello and Damberg see potential in the thriving environment of the greater Malmo area, but they also add value to ecosystem themselves. Angello is well known for investing in a diverse range of passionate startups. And Damberg said to us”Scaling up, is the mission we have right now.” and continued we have a lot of startups, but we want them to scale up, bigger and faster in Sweden and in Scandinavia .”

He went on to explain that the importance lies in creating an environment where business can grow and ”as a Minister for Enterprise and Innovation I want them [the startups] to grow in Sweden, but I understand if 10 million people are not enough to grow your business on.”

While many might dream of Silicon Valley, there are those who achieve success right where they are. And that seemed to be the essence of the event. From participants to minister, people were happy and proud to be part of the thriving and ever-developing startup community that Malmo has become.

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