Politician urges investment in clean energy


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Last week Copenhagen and Malmo collectively hosted this year’s Nordic Clean Energy Week.

As previous energy summits, it once again proved hard to reach concrete solutions. Despite that, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen was still optimistic.

“... We’ve reached an understanding that we need to invest in more clean energy. The largest economies account for 75 % of global emissions, but also for 90 % of total investments.”

380 000 Billion DKK
Energy ministers from the G20 countries and the Nordic countries meet with business leaders and investors to discuss renewable energy at a global level.
By 2020, 380 billion DKK will have been invested in renewable energy solutions to meet the climate targets by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency.

That seems to be a short deadline when considering the large amount of money needed to be invested.
The Prime Minister of Denmark states ”It is urgent because in the so-called Third World there is an appetite for our prosperity” and goes on to say "...the good news is that in international business circles there is increasing interest in this. In fact, it's about finding ways to tie the threads [together]."

Summit in October

This coming autumn, Denmark will host the first P4G summit, a gathering of "Heads of States and Government. Leaders of international organisations, businesses, academia and civil society". This network of countries aims to counter global warming by developing partnerships between businesses and governments. The desire is to see a channelled investment into renewable energy solutions.

The Danish Prime Minister said of the summit, "It should concretely bring [together] people who have projects with states and business communities and academics. This cannot be paid by taxpayers alone."

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