Snapchat controls the tone in Norwegian classrooms

Snapchat Norwegian classrooms

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With a smartphone in their hand Norwegian students go about their day. Sending up to 600 snaps every single day, the social media plays a massive role in the students’ lives, not only at home but also in the class rooms.

240.700 students were asked about their usage of social media and gaming, in a report publish by NOVA in September this year.

The report states that, after school, half the kids’ use up to 4 hours of social media and gaming. This number can increase at weekends. That is 28 hours per week. 124 hours per month -which is the equivalent of 5 full days and 4 hours every month.

Snapchat in Norway Link to Ungdata 2017

The parents are not pleased with the amount of time their children use on social media, but not all of the children are too bothered by that fact.
“My parents think I use too much time on social media, but they don’t even have Snapchat themselves, so they don’t know anything about it”. Martens said to Norsk Rikskringkasting

How is it affecting the school?
Blussuvoll School in Trondheim Norway is a mobile free school, but despite their best efforts of keeping social media out of the classroom, the teachers constantly need to attend conflicts between students. Conflicts which have risen through the interactions of social media. “Parents need to be role models for the kids and talk with them about the consequences of being too often online on social media”. said the principal of Blussuvoll School Lars Henrik Rygh to NRK
Link to NRK article

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