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Get a job or become a startup –both very plausible options for today's modern student.

Well informed and well aware of their career options, a staggering 500 students with a taste for more than just a regular job attended yesterdays entrepreneurship fair 2017, held by VentureLap in Lund, Sweden.

Between the mingling students were 15 organisations and 25 stands with flourishing startups looking to add to their team through internships, freelance collaborations, part-time positions, full-time positions, and some who even wanted to find new business partners.

"We wanted to show that entrepreneurship can be an alternative career path for today's students. Representatives from VentureLap support system were presenting the way they help startups develop, and we also had 25 startups looking for students to join their team in one way or another". Said the Executive Director of VentureLab Alice Larsson.

She went on to explain that VentureLab not only wishes to empower students to create their own future. But also that their mission is to help students, who wish to develop or further their startup business skills. "We arrange several inspirational events, offer business advice and run an incubator at Ideon Agora in Lund, Sweden. And everything we do is free of charge". Larsson said.

This was not only a well-fitted event for students, but also beneficial for startups like Flexeats. I had a chat with Jonathan Burns Founder of Flexeats to learn about how an event like this could benefit his startup.
"For me, anytime to be around a group of people interested in startups is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people" … "I saw it as a great way to network with potential interns and get the word out about Flexeats. Of course, I hoped, and am always hoping, to find the next great person to join my team".

Between the meeting, matching, and mingling. Startups were also engaging and giving advice to students as well as each other. The atmosphere was no doubt very open and sharing.

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