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Copenhagen Tech Festival 2017

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At this year’s Copenhagen Tech Festival there was everything from big tech talks, to tech startup’s, to an informative hologram. An exciting program that went on from early morning and into the evening.

However, if one was starting to feel a bit sore from all the sitting down, and one’s head was feeling heavy from talks about cybersecurity, deep learning, AI and much more, then there was always the option to pop around the corner to the Copenhagen Maker, where the focus was of a somewhat other nature.

Stina Odgaard-Sabally, Head of Partnerships & Communication at Copenhagen Maker said, “We wanted to give a different perspective to the technology. To open up the technology for the whole family, grownups as well as kids. So that people get an understanding of what the technology is like. We want people, to not just hear about the new things. Instead, we find it way more important to show people how the technology works.”

People in Denmark, and in general in Scandinavia, are routine technology users. Nearly every person in Denmark has a smartphone, and the ones who do not have most likely made a deliberate decision not to have a smartphone. There is no doubt that the technology is a part of the everyday life in Denmark. 

However, very few people know, how it actually works, and how they can affect the technology themselves. “People here are ‘the perfect users’. We want to inform them and empower them to be more than just the perfect user”, Odgaard-Sabally explains.

With this year’s theme, Society 4.0. Copenhagen maker wanted to examine ‘What is our digital future going to look like?’. Copenhagen Maker chose to have different daily focuses throughout the festival; future transformations, machine learning, robots, smart lives, and smart technology.

Take a stand!
“We want people to be informed and to think about what they want the future to look like. If you are at a conference, you are being taught something, and that is really good. But you need to take your own standpoint, and that is what we want people to do at this festival. And that is why we want people to go to workshops, and do something with this technology because then you are able to take a standpoint. That is your own standpoint.”
Odgaard-Sabally said.

Copenhagen Maker in the future
“We want to open this up to be bigger. To have more ‘makers’, to have more advanced things to do, and to have even more people attend.”
Odgaard-Sabally went on to explain that at the big maker fairs you can see massive projects and chokingly cool robots, but the level of public interaction is low. 

Instead of purely showing off cool things, Copenhagen Maker has made a point out of, having their ‘makers’ bring relatable, usable projects, which are easy to interact and play with. The team behind Copenhagen Maker expresses that it is important to them that they help empower people to be more than just ‘the perfect user’ of technological products. They want people to get an understanding of how the products work and how they are created. “We want people to learn something by doing it. And to have them say; ‘I have tried it, and therefore I can make an informed decision on what technological products mean to me, and how I will allow them to affect me’."

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