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TechBBQ Digital

writer icon Laura Jensen     Vinia Media   |   Tech     🕐 25. Sep. 2020

Copenhagen was the venue for the return of the TechBBQ annual summit last week, but the format on display was a new one; 100 percent digital.

Adjusting to the Times
In these difficult times, with the coronavirus prevalent throughout Scandinavian countries and legislation being adjusted from week to week, the team behind the successful TechBBQ had limited time to prepare for the summit and had to quickly think on their feet.

The summit is known for bringing together innovative entrepreneurs, creative corporates and investors, as well as many more networks.

"Networking and knowledge-sharing is exactly what we strive to make accessible within the ecosystem, especially in these times of crisis, hence the main theme of this years TechBBQ Digital; resilience,” said Avnit Singh, CEO at TechBBQ.

TechBBQ Digital
TechBBQ had 2500 attendees registered and over 1600 virtual meetings requested on the platform Brella.

Despite a fall of 5500 attendees from last year's event, the summit was still a considerable success. People tuned in from all parts of the world, creating 10 000 networking connections.

“TechBBQ digital was far more interactive than anticipated. I was amazed by the supportive shout outs to speakers and discussions which took place among the audience,” said Zenia W. Francker, Entrepreneur & Connector.

Across the two days of the summit TechBBQ had more than 60 speakers on four digital stages. Two of these stages were primarily transmitted live from studio facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“After two super exciting days testing a completely new event format, we consider TechBBQ Digital a success. We are proud that we managed to pivot into a digital event in such a short time, and that we, even though everything was virtual, managed to connect so many people," said Avnit Singh.

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